A SaaS based Project and Task Management App

Responsive Design   |   Twitter Bootstrap   |   AngularJs
TaskTrac2 is a SaaS based Project Management Application that helps small to mid sized teams collaborate on projects, track time-critical tasks and meet deadlines.
TaskTrac2 is a beautiful twitter boostrap and angularJs based single page project and task management application. TaskTrac2 demonstrates a very high level of modular and organized javascript and html5 code. Its designs are highly intuitive, facilitating high productivity and information exchange between teams working on time-critical projects. The team at KIS not only designed the wireframes and layout of TaskTrac2, but also handcoded all the designs into functional and mobile-ready application pages along with a web-services driven, PHP based backend.

The team at KIS worked hard and long to deliver exactly the kind of product we wanted our customers to experience.

Amit Sharma CEO/Co-Founder, TaskTrac2 Read more customer stories >>