Above all, KIS is a family

At KIS, We believe that ideas are born out of constructive collaboration happening in a conducive environment and that ideas have the power to make things better.
At KIS, our purpose is to create this environment.

Our Principles

Learning Never Stops

Being in the technology sector has taught us one thing, You stop learning, you vanish! No industry changes trends overnight, the way tech industry does. New frameworks, new tools, new paradigms everyday...the only way to keep up is to prioritise, stay agile and keep learning. But there is also this quote by Sir Henry Ford, that inspires us : “Anyone who stops learning is old, Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Goes down well with our philosophy!

Perfection Is An Endless Pursuit

We are not perfect. No one is! We are as human as anyone else. We also make mistakes...sometimes silly ones :) ...But we are damn smart too! What stands us apart is our ability to learn from experience, correct ourselves and demonstrate a constant zeal to improve and strive for perfection...
and it shows in our work.

Transparency Is The Best Policy

We are not "The boss is always right!" type. If we observe room for improvement somewhere, we will quietly mention it to you. We also accept feedback and criticism with utmost positivity and never hide stuff from you. Our development process is transparent and we keep you apprised on not just the progress but also pitfalls that may possibly come along. We are not just pure implementers but also great advisors to your software development program.

Fun Is As Important As Work

Software development can be a hectic process. We understand the value of taking a break and coming back with a rejuvenated mind. Hence we hire people who not only enjoy their work but are also great at making the best use of their time-off. We party, dance, eat-out and spend time getting to know each other. That's what makes us a great team.

The best thing that they give you is dedication. Their work speaks for itself.

Robert Seeley Director of Operation, Automotive Avenues Read more customer stories >>

You Matter To Us

The key to meaningful technology solutions is innovative and pragmatic professionals deeply invested in understanding your business. In order to succeed, you need a strong technology partner who can foster a shared vision and create deep bonds at intellectual as well as humane level.

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